1. If I schedule an appointment with a certain package can I change that package later?

Yes. However, if you are choosing a package with a specified amount of time longer than 60 minutes or are looking to change outfits more than twice in your session, we would like to know in advance so we may schedule you for the appropriate amount of time.

2. What locations besides the Southland's area do you shoot?

We are willing to go to any location you wish (transportation charges may apply for some locations) but we have a few favorites that are fairly close by: Southshore Boathouse, Saddle Rock Golf Course, and Meridian Business Park. We also love a good trip Downtown to Union Station.

3. Can I have some family and individual poses in one sitting?

Yes. With our "immediate" family collections you may split up a session to include some of the family and some of the kids in any combination you'd like for no extra charge.

4. What if I want more poses printed than in the package I chose? Do I have to move up a package?

No. We can upgrade your package to include more poses for just $25 per each pose added. You are also welcome to purchase additional prints in any pose.

5. This is different than I remember from last time. Why did you change your packages and offerings?

At Picture It Studios, we are striving to bring you the best possible photography and services. We restructure our offerings to better suit our customer needs based on customer feedback. Our current goal is to provide outstanding professional photography from seasoned photographers, at family friendly prices.

6. Is there a sitting fee?

Not typically, but because of the diversity attitudes and ages of many Extended Family Sessions, we have adopted "a la carte" choices for these sessions based on the number of groupings or poses. The contents of each our "immediate" Family and H. S. Senior Collections are inclusive and there no additional fees for those session.

7. Do I have to know which Portrait Collection I want when making my appointment?

Each portrait package in each of our collections include different amounts of time and outfits / backdrops, so it is recommended that you pre-select a collection when you schedule an appointment so your photographer can schedule the appropriate amount of time and equipment. If you find the collection you pre-selected does not include everything you want you can upgrade to the collection that satisfies your needs during your viewing.

8. Do you offer anything besides a regular printed portrait, such as metal, albums or canvases? What about albums?

Absolutely! We now offer both metal and canvas prints as an option. Smaller sizes can be designed with an easel back for convenient display and larger wall size metal prints can be designed with float-mounts, ready to hang. Gallery wrapped canvas products and custom-designed leather albums are available too. Specialty products may take up to 4 weeks to process and deliver.